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Transition Highlights

For Treasury Management System Conversion Beginning July 24

First Commonwealth’s new online Treasury Management platform is your single point of access to all of your accounts – checking, savings, loans and the full suite of Treasury Management services. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to our enhanced suite of Treasury Management Services.

• Important information will be sent to you in early July including:

- Your Treasury Management login information and instructions
- Details regarding system requirements, instructions and a Quick Start Guide
- Information on how to access important resources to ensure a smooth transition

• Prior to the transition, we will set up the designated Administrator and all current users with a Company ID, User Name and Temporary Password.

- Mutli-Factor Authentication is required to access services.
- We recommend that your Company’s Administrator be the first user to access the new Treasury Management platform to validate user information.
- Upon first login each user will be prompted to add a phone number and create a 4-digit PIN for additional security.

• All of your payee information will be automatically transferred to the new Online Treasury Management Platform.

- Recurring Account Transfers will transition to the new platform.
- ACH Batches will transfer to the new platform. In addition, ACH recurring and future dated transactions will transition to the new platform. However, you will need to resatablish the dates of those items.
- Recurring loan payments will transfer to the new platform.
- Bill Payments will continue without interruption.

• All of your account and transaction history will transition to the new online Treasury platform. When exporting or downloading, you may need to adjust your filters if you will be using these reports for reconciliation. If you use Direct Connect through Quicken/Quickbooks, you will need to re-establish those connections after the transition. Look for later communication regarding re-establishing those connections.

• We will set up the designated Administrator and all current users with an Administration tool within the Online Treasury Management system. Learn how to add/modify users, provide user access and grant entitlements. All of this information is available within the Treasury Management User Guide. After login, users may also leverage online help available within the Online Treasury Management system.

• Members of our Treasury Management team will be available to provide any hands-on assistance you may need to ensure a smooth transition.