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Automated Clearing House

For Treasury Management System Conversion Beginning June 19


Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination will be available until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 19. Items originated after that time will not get processed and will need to be re-submitted on Monday, June 22. Any recurring ACH transactions with settlement dates after June 19 will also need to be revised on Monday, June 22. First Commonwealth’s new ACH service platform will be available starting Monday, June 22 at 8:00 a.m.

Notes of Interest

• To avoid disruption in processing, do not schedule ACH transactions with a settlement date past Friday, June 19.

• Your ACH history will not convert to the new Treasury Management platform. If you need your ACH history, please download that information prior to the conversion.

• Previously created ACH Templates and recurring ACH transactions will transition to the new Treasury Management platform. You will need to update the dates.

• ACH Return and ACH Notices of Change (NOC) will continue to be available as an ‘Electronic Document’ within the ‘Reporting’ drop down in the new Treasury Online platform.

• EDI Remittance Reporting will transition to the new Treasury Online platform as will prior EDI reports previously available.

• File Uploads will be available for NACHA formatted ACH file import.

• ACH Receiver Tables (Beneficiary Tables) will be a new feature available to clients who utilize ACH services. Please reference the Treasury Management User Guide available at

Your 'To-Do' List

Before scheduling any new payments, please review any Pending ACH payments and History ACH transaction information within the "Payments" tab to avoid any potential duplication of transactions from the transition to the new Treasury Management platform.

• Review your payment history and confirm the transition of history to the new platform.

• Confirm that your established ACH Beneficiaries have transitioned to the new Treasury Management platform. If a beneficiary does not appear, you can "Add Recipient" within the ACH service module.

• If you upload ACH files, please confirm your files are compatible with the new Treasury Management platform. If necessary, you may need to re-test your previously formatted NACHA files will upload into the new platform successfully.

• Review your current Alerts and re-establish any alerts that may not have transitioned and/or create any new alerts.

First Time Login

Authorized users should use their First Commonwealth Online Banking credentials to access ACH services at Refer to the User Guide for steps to login for the first time. At first time log in, there will be additional Out of Band security requirements for ACH that require input of a mobile phone number for authentication purposes to utilize those services.