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Children's Savings Accounts - Tower Savers Kids Savings

No offense to the piggy bank on the shelf, but kids need a better place to put their money so it grows into something great. Our Tower Savers account is designed to do just that.

Cool for Kids

  • Start with no minimum deposit to open1 and no monthly service charges through age 212 (because otherwise this wouldn't be a very friendly children's savings account)
  • Watch money grow with tiered interest rates
  • Keep track of every penny with free monthly statements

Practical for Parents

  • Get online banking and mobile banking at no charge3
  • Link to your account so you can see everything in online banking
  • Set up Direct Deposit to make saving automatic

Built for the Future

Eligibility & Account Set-up

  • Perfect for young savers through age 212 that want to save for their future.
    • The account can be maintained once the child turns 22, but may incur a monthly service charge
  • Account titling determines the child’s level of access:
    • Joint – parents/guardians have the option of being jointly titled on the account so the child can be involved
    • Custodial (UTMA) – parents/guardians can also choose to be the custodian on the account4, which allows them to maintain control of the account until the child is 21

We'd love to get you started on your savings journey. Open your account online, in person at a community office near you or on the phone with us at 844-711-BANK (2265).

fund my future

If you live in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, you may be eligible for the Fund My Future program. Fund My Future is administered by the Propel Schools Foundation to help families of children in Allegheny County save for college and other post-secondary goals by making the saving experience fun. Studies show that children with savings accounts in their names are three times more likely to attend college and four times more likely to complete college, regardless of their family's wealth, income or education. Our Tower Savers accounts are the first step in the Fund My Future program.

These Frequently Asked Questions can help you learn more and get started.

1 First deposit must be made within 45-days for account to remain open.

2 There is a monthly service charge of $3 once the child reaches age 22, which can be waived by maintaining a minimum daily balance of $200.

3 We don’t charge for these services but standard message, data, and internet service provider rates may apply so check with your carriers.

4 Custodian (UTMA) accounts must be opened in an office. Accounts opened online will be jointly titled.