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Mastercard® SecureCode®

Shopping online can be a great convenience, which is why we've partnered with Mastercard® to bring you added online security for our debit and credit cards.

Mastercard SecureCode® is a private code that provides added protection against unauthorized online use of your card. When a cardholder is shopping online, a simple pop-up box will appear asking for the shopper to enter a private code that has been registered with the bank. This code is validated and provides the cardholder with a means of achieving a fully secure transaction.

Mastercard SecureCode® is offered online at participating merchant websites only. Not all websites may offer this additional security. Please use caution when shopping online.

This security enhancement was developed to address key issues present in today’s e-commerce environment, including cardholder concerns about the security of online shopping and the high rate of Internet fraud.


How To Register Your First Commonwealth Bank Card 
You can register for Securecode® in just minutes. Select the type of First Commonwealth Bank card and register by clicking on the appropriate link:

Credit Card - register online for Mastercard SecureCode®

Debit Card - register online for Mastercard SecureCode®