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How to Change Personal Bank Accounts

Switch Kit 

Switching your personal checking account from your current bank to First Commonwealth Bank is easier than you think. We've put all the information you need into 4 steps on the below "switch kit". You can view and print all the necessary forms online, complete them and return them to the appropriate party for processing.

Step 1: Open Your First Commonwealth Bank Checking Account

View our account comparison to make sure you get the best personal checking account for your needs. Once you've selected your new First Commonwealth Bank checking account, you can open it online or visit any of our community offices.

Step 2: Change Your Direct Deposit Information

To assist you in making the necessary arrangements to have your Direct Deposit of payroll (or other income) deposited into your new First Commonwealth Bank checking account, we have provided a convenient form to complete and present to your pay provider. Social Security direct deposit information can be included on this form or switched online at the Social Security Administration's website at

View & Print Form #1

Step 3: Change Your Automatic Payments

Many of us have payments automatically deducted from our checking account on a regular basis. These payments can include utility payments, loan payments, insurance payments, etc.

Once completed and sent to your payees, form #2 provides the necessary information to insure your automatic payments are deducted properly from your new First Commonwealth Bank personal checking account.

View & Print Form #2

Step 4: Close Your Old Checking Account

Your final step is to close out your old checking account and begin using your First Commonwealth Bank account. Complete this form and send it to your old bank for processing.

View & Print Form #3