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General Account Information

For Former Foundation Bank Customers


Account Numbers: In almost all cases, your account number remained the same. If your account number changed, you already received a separate mailing from us with your new account number.

Personal Checks:
You can use your Foundation Bank checks without interruption. Once your current supply of checks is exhausted, you can order new First Commonwealth checks.

Debit/ATM Cards:
Please activate your First Commonwealth card upon receipt by calling 866-392-9952 and following the voice prompts. You will be asked to press 1 to continue the call in English or press 2 to continue the call in Spanish. At the next prompt, you will then need to press 2 “for all other inquiries” to activate your card. This process will also walk you through choosing your personal identification number (PIN) for your card. Please take note of your selected PIN as a reset may cause delays.

Your new First Commonwealth Bank debit card will offer increased ATM and point-of-sale purchase limits. The daily ATM limit will be $500 and the point-of-sale purchase limit will be $2,500. Learn more about our chip-card security and benefits. Remember to change any debit card information that might be linked as a payment source to sites like PayPal and Amazon.

To reset your pin at any time, simply call 866-392-9952 and follow the instructions.

You can download SecurLOCKTM Equip, our debit card control app, from your app store. This app is similar to My Mobile Money that was available with Foundation Bank and allows you to turn your debit card on and off, as well as establish alerts. 

 You can use your activated First Commonwealth debit or ATM card at all First Commonwealth ATMs. All foreign ATM fees will be permanently waived on your accounts transitioning from Foundation Bank. We will also permanently refund all surcharge fees you may incur from using ATMs that are not part of our First Commonwealth, Allpoint or Freedom Alliance Networks. However, you can still be sure to look for ATMs that are part of the Allpoint and Freedom Alliance networks, especially in popular locations like CVS, Walgreens, Target® and Kroger®. The MoneyPass Surcharge-Free ATM Network is no longer available.

You can make deposits at First Commonwealth ATMs as well as non-First Commonwealth ATMs that offer that service. The daily cut-off time for ATM deposits is 6:59 p.m.


We will be waiving all fees for current Foundation Bank cardholders associated with using ATMs that are not part of the First Commonwealth Bank, Allpoint or Freedom Alliance networks. This will give you unlimited access to surcharge-free ATMs wherever you travel.


CDs and IRA CDs: The interest calculations for Foundation Bank CDs and IRA CDs with daily compounding converted to monthly compounding upon the first maturity on or after Saturday, May 19, 2018. You will receive a notice from First Commonwealth before maturity, allowing you time to make any renewal decisions during the 10-day grace period following the maturity date. You can choose between terms of 90 days to 60 months. Contact us at maturity for current rates by calling 800.711.BANK (2265), using our rate finder tool or stopping at your local office. Your First Commonwealth account interest will be paid monthly.

Early withdrawal interest penalties on all current Foundation Bank CDs and IRA CDs will remain unchanged until the first maturity date on or after Saturday, May 19, at which time First Commonwealth’s early withdrawal penalties will apply as follows:

Term less than 12 months = 90 day interest penalty
12 months to less than 36 months = 180 day interest penalty
36 months to less than 60 months = 365 day interest penalty
60 months or more = 900 day interest penalty

All IRA customers will receive an annual statement each January showing prior year activity and Fair Market Value.

Overdraft Protection:
If your Foundation Bank personal or business checking account is linked to a line of credit or savings account for overdraft protection, your overdraft protection will continue without interruption. If you have a Hometown Savings Account, you are eligible for free overdraft protection transfers. If you have a Hometown Checking Account plus Solutions package, or add a Solutions package to your existing account, you are eligible for free overdraft protection from any First Commonwealth account. Your new First Commonwealth Bank account gives you free overdraft protection from any First Commonwealth Bank account, including lines of credit.

If you don’t have a linked overdraft protection solution, you may stop by a First Commonwealth office or contact our team at 800.711.BANK (2265) to link a Hometown Savings account (no minimum balance), checking or line of credit to your new First Commonwealth checking account as a funding source.

An overdraft occurs when you don’t have enough money in your account, or a linked account, to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway. Under our standard overdraft practices, we authorize and pay overdrafts for checks, other transactions made using your checking account number and automatic bill payments. If the overdraft is under $5 no fee will be assessed. We don’t authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM and everyday debit card transactions unless you opt in for coverage on these transactions. If you have opted in for Foundation Bank to authorize and pay ATM and everyday debit card transactions on your account, your authorization will continue with First Commonwealth. To discuss or change your First Commonwealth overdraft options, contact us at 800.711.BANK (2265).



Account Numbers: In almost all cases, account numbers will remain the same. If your account number is changing, you have already received a separate mailing from us with your new account number.

Loan Transfer, Servicing and Payments:
On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Foundation Bank loans will be transferred to and serviced by First Commonwealth Bank. Loan payments from a First Commonwealth account can be made through Online Banking, by calling the automated account service line at 800.711.BANK (2265) (option 1) or by visiting a First Commonwealth office. Payment can also be made by mail to:

First Commonwealth Bank,
Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 537
Indiana, PA 15701

For service inquiries, simply call our Engagement Center at 800.711.BANK (2265).

Your payment method may be changing. You will receive either a new First Commonwealth coupon book or a First Commonwealth billing statement depending on the type of your loan. You are still responsible for any outstanding Foundation Bank bills.

Annual Statements:
You will not receive an annual loan activity statement from First Commonwealth. You can request a copy of your First Commonwealth loan activity statement at any time by contacting our Engagement Center at 800.711.BANK (2265) or at your local office.

Billing Notices and Past Due Notices:
Your billing notice and past due notices may be mailed at a different time of month than you have received it in the past.

Your first billing notice will show all outstanding late charges as due, if applicable. No separate late fee notice will be sent.

Personal Loans:
All personal loans will now have a 15-day grace period before a late charge is assessed.

Cash Advances:
If you make an advance on your credit line, you can request a receipt of that advance at your local office. You can also view the advance within Online Banking. With First Commonwealth Bank, you can advance amounts greater than $1, giving you more flexibility with the amount you need to advance.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs):
You can continue to use your Foundation Bank checks until your current supply is depleted. You can re-order checks by visiting your local office or calling our Engagement Center at 800.711.BANK (2265).

Safe Deposit Boxes

If you have unpaid Safe Deposit bills from Foundation Bank for your safe deposit box at the Norwood Office, you will need to pay the unpaid balance, even if the due date is after the change over. Your payment can be mailed to First Commonwealth Bank, P.O. Box 537, Indiana, PA 15701, or you can make payments at your local office.

Beginning Monday, May 21, First Commonwealth will send your rental bills 30 days before your next renewal payment is due.

To establish automatic payment from your checking or savings account and receive a $5 discount, please call or visit your local office.