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Empowering Risk Mitigation: A Success Story

Published March 18, 2024

Recently, a prominent commercial printer within our middle market book of business, found themselves at a crossroads during their renewal process. With a history of claims and the looming threat of harsh weather patterns, their prospects for a favorable renewal seemed uncertain.

Sally Weekley, our dedicated Account Executive, armed with expertise and a proactive approach to risk management, recognized the importance of addressing the underlying issues contributing to the unfavorable renewal terms. She swiftly positioned the client with multiple carriers, facilitating engineered loss control inspections to pinpoint key areas of risk.

Upon completion of these inspections, Sally meticulously conveyed to the client the critical points identified for risk mitigation efforts and why they were perceived as potential liabilities in the market. She uncovered that the client exhibited an open willingness to invest in and implement risk improvement tactics promptly.

Once these communications were discovered Sally was able to overturn a declination from a prominent middle market underwriter into a bind order with appropriate subjectivities that fell in line with both the carrier and client’s willingness of Risk Improvement.

This success story underscores the power of proactive risk management and effective communication in navigating challenging insurance situations. It is a testament to our agency's commitment to empowering clients to mitigate risks effectively, ultimately ensuring their long-term success and stability.