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Save Confidence Boosters


1. Retirement saving strategies - Early Career

  1. a) Understand the basics of early career retirement planning


2. Retirement saving strategies - Mid Career

  1. a) Understand the basics of mid-career retirement planning


3. Retirement saving strategies - Late Career

  1. a) Understand the basics of late career retirement planning


4. Finding money to save

  1. a) Identify ways to increase your paycheck
  2. b) List money saving benefits and perks available to FCB employees
  3. c) Select a savings vehicle to help you meet your goals


5. Setting savings goals

  1. a) Set savings goals
  2. b) Automate your savings
  3. c) Save for emergencies


6. How can FCB Savings Solutions benefit YOU?

  1. a) Describe FCB Savings Solutions
  2. b) Determine which FCB Savings Solutions can benefit you


7. Saving for college - Coming soon

  1. a) Describe the four college saving vehicles
  2. b) List the benefits of each plan
  3. c) Identify sources of more information