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Protect Confidence Boosters

New - COVID-19 Consumer Warnings and Safety Tips Article - 3 Minutes to Read


New - Planning For Your Finances in an Uncertain Future Article - 2 Minutes to Read


Fraud Alert on a Credit Report - 2 Minutes to Read

Learn how to place a fraud alert on a credit report


IRS Imposter Scams Infographic - 3 Minutes to Read

What to watch out for if someone claiming to be from the IRS gets in touch


Tax Related ID Theft Article - 2 Minutes to Read

Signs of Tax ID theft to watch out for


Seven Reasons to start your taxes early Article - 3 Minutes to Read

Love it or hate it, don't delay in getting your tax return done


Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft Article - 2 Minutes to Read

Review tips to protect yourself


What is Tax ID Theft? Article - 2 Minutes to Read

Learn about Tax ID Theft


What is Medical Tax ID Theft? Article - 2 Minutes to Read

Learn about this type of ID Theft


Protecting Yourself Against Fraud Self-Study Module - 8 Minutes to Complete

Fraudsters and ID thieves are always looking for more ways to steal information and money. That means we shouldn’t rest when it comes to learning about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Complete this booster to learn how to avoid becoming a victim.


How can First Commonwealth Insurance Agency Can Benefit You? Self-Study - 5 Minutes to Complete

Did you know we have a top-notch insurance agency and help is a phone call or email away? FCIA has access to great products and provides exceptional service. Learn more about how they can help you.


The Basics of Estate Planning Self-Study Module - 5 Minutes to Complete

Nobody likes to think about needing estate planning, but it is one of the biggest favors you can do your family. This booster will show you how to get started.


Recognizing and Preventing Elder Financial Abuse Self-Study Module – 5 Minutes to Complete

One of the most important things we can do in our community is to look out for our senior citizens. This module points out signs of potential abuse and how to prevent it.


Keeping Seniors Safe from Medical ID Theft Self-Study Module – 5 Minutes to Complete

Medical ID theft is a growing problem for seniors. Take a minute to learn how you can do your part to protect those you care about.


Preparing in Advance for Disasters Self-Study Module – 5 Minutes to Complete

It seems like every day there is a new disaster in the news. We just don’t know when the next disaster will strike, but there are steps you can take today to make sure you keep your money and property as safe as you can. Learn more with this booster.


Watch Out for Scams After a Disaster Self-Study Module – 5 Minutes to Complete

Unfortunately, scammers prey on vulnerable people and communities after a disaster. This short booster equips you with knowledge to avoid pitfalls as you recover.


Review the SecurLOCKTM Equip Video and Information Page – 3 Minutes to Complete

Watch a short video and read the information to learn more about how this great app can keep your money and account safe.


Review the Tips to Avoid Fraud Info Sheet – 2 Minutes to Review