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Protect Confidence Boosters


1. Protecting yourself against fraud

  1. a) Understand what ID theft is and how it can affect you
  2. b) Reduce the risk of ID theft
  3. c) Recognize signs that ID theft has occurred
  4. d) Respond to the threat of a compromised identity


2. Protection benefits of using a World Debit/Credit Card

  1. a) Identify the protection benefits of using a World Debit Card/Mastercard Credit Card


3. How can FCB FCIA Solutions benefit YOU?

  1. a) Recognize that FCB has a top notch Insurance Agency
  2. b) List types of insurance FCIA offers
  3. c) State FCIA employee perks
  4. d) Get an insurance review/questions answered


4. The Basics of Estate Planning

  1. a) Why do I need a will?
  2. b) How can I get one?
  3. c) What other considerations?


5. How can FCB Financial Advisor Solutions benefit YOU? - Coming Soon

  1. a) Recognize that FCB Financial Advisors offers financial advice to employees
  2. b) State the benefits of working with an FCB FA
  3. c) Have a conversation with an FA and have questions answered


6. Protecting your family and friends against elder fraud - Coming Soon

  1. a) Understand the nature of scams and recognize the warning signs
  2. b) Take appropriate action if you become the victim of fraud
  3. c) Build protective barriers against scams