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Manage Confidence Boosters


1. Building a budget

  1. a) Identify your values
  2. b) List the components of a budget
  3. c) List personal income and expenses
  4. d) Differentiate between personal wants and needs


2. How to track expenses

  1. a) List ways to track expenses
  2. b) Compare different tracking methods
  3. c) Choose the method(s) that best suit YOU


3. Money savings tips

  1. a) Identify money saving tips sources
  2. b) Choose money savings tips that best suit YOU
  3. c) Determine what to do with money you save


4. How can FCB Checking Solutions benefit YOU?

  1. a) Describe FCB Checking Solutions
  2. b) Determine which FCB Checking Solutions can benefit you


5. How can FCB Mobile Solutions benefit YOU? - Coming soon