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Manage Confidence Boosters


Building a Budget Self-Study Module - 10 Minutes to Complete

When you complete this booster, you will identify your values, learn about the components of a budget and how to differentiate between wants and needs. You'll also have the opportunity to complete your very own budget.


Track Expenses Self-Study Module - 4 Minutes to Complete

This booster will show you how to track expenses, compare different tracking methods and choose the method(s) that best suit you.


Money Savings Tips Self-Study Module - 7 Minutes to Complete

You will learn how to identify money saving tip sources, choose money savings tips that will work for you and determine what to do with money you save.


How can FCB Checking Solutions Benefit YOU? Self-Study Module - 5 Minutes to Complete

This booster covers FCB Checking Solutions and helps you determine which solutions can benefit you.


Money Manager Overview Video 2 Minutes to Watch

Learn how to track spending, monitor your net worth and more with this video.


Money Manager Budget Video 2 Minutes to Watch

This short video walks you through the steps to set up your budget with Money Manager.


Money Manager Add an Account Video1:30 Minutes to Watch

Learn how to add accounts from other financial institutions to Money Manager so you can get a complete picture of your finances.


Money Manager Add a Goal Video1:30 Minutes to Watch

This video will show you how to set a goal in Money Manager. You’ll be able to track your progress easily.


Mobile Remote Deposit FAQs3 Minutes to Read

Learn more about the wonderful convenience of depositing checks using a smartphone by reading these Frequently Asked Questions.


BillPay Video 3 Minutes to Watch

This video will introduce you to the convenient ways in which you can say goodbye to mailing bills and get them paid quickly and conveniently.


Review the Online Banking Info Sheet2 Minutes to Review