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Borrow Confidence Boosters

New - Protecting Your Credit during COVID-19 Article - 4 Minutes To Read


Review the Credit Scores Infographic - 3 Minutes to Review


Comparing the Cost of Buying a New vs used Car Article - 4 Minutes to Read

Things to consider when buying a car


Five Credit Don'ts for Millennial Article - 3 Minutes to Read

Tips on how to manager debt as a Millennial 


 Spotting Debt Collection Scams Article - 2 Minutes to Read

Good information on debt collection scams to share with our customers


What is a Balance Transfer? Article - 3 Minutes to Read

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of transferring a balance from one credit card to another


Credit Score Ranges: How do you compare? Article - 4 Minutes to Read

Learn more about the two most commonly used credit scores


Debt-To-Income Ratio Article - 2 Minutes to Read

See how this important concept affects loan approvals


My Credit Rule to Live By Worksheet - 5 Minutes to Complete

Create a customized credit rule

Home Buying 101 Webinar - 25 Minutes to Watch

This webinar covers the benefits of homeownership, the steps of the home buying process, how credit impacts home buying, difference ratios and insurances that impacts home buying and how to apply for an FCB mortgage.


How Credit Works Self-Study Module - 8 Minutes to Complete

You will learn how to establish, maintain and repair credit.


How Can FCB Lending Solutions Benefit YOU? Self-Study Module - 7 Minutes to Complete

This booster covers FCB lending solutions and helps you determine which of those might be best for you.


Understanding Your Credit Report and Score Self-Study Module - 8 Minutes to Complete

If you have any questions about where to find your free credit reports, what is on those reports or how a credit score is calculated, then this booster is for you.


Debt Management Strategies Self Study Module - 5 Minutes to Complete

This booster helps you distinguish between debt consolidation and the rollover debt management system and helps you to make informed decisions about which might be best for you.


Managing Your Student Loans - 25 Minutes to Watch

After graduation, student loans can become a big part of your budget. This webinar explores repayment options, forbearance, deferment and default.


5 Tips to Manage Student Loans While in College Webinar – 25 Minutes to Watch

This webinar covers tips to keep your student loans from spiraling out of control while you are still in school.


Review the Tips for Your Secured Credit Card Info Sheet 3 Minutes to Review


Review the Your Credit Report and Score Info Sheet 3 Minutes to Review