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Borrow Confidence Boosters


1. How credit works

  1. a) List steps to establish credit
  2. b) List steps to maintain good credit
  3. c) List steps to repair credit


2. How can FCB Lending Solutions Benefit YOU?

  1. a) Describe FCB Loan Solutions
  2. b) Determine which FCB Loan solutions can benefit you


3. Understanding your credit report and score

  1. a) List resources for free credit reports
  2. b) Recall the components of a credit report
  3. c) Specify which factors influence the calculation of a FICO credit score


4. Debt Management Strategies

  1. a) Distinguish between debt consolidation and the rollover debt management system
  2. b) Identify which debt management strategy to use when the goal is to pay off debt as quickly as possible
  3. c) Identify which debt management strategy to use when the goal is to lower monthly payments
  4. d) List consideration to help make informed debt management strategy decisions


5. Managing Student loans when in college - Coming Soon

  1. a) Differentiate between federal and public loans
  2. b) Identify alternative money sources to pay for college
  3. c) Minimize the amount of debt you take on while in college


6. Getting your student loans back on track - Coming Soon

  1. a) Determine if your student loan is federal or private
  2. b) Determine a strategy for restarting payments before loans are in default
  3. c) Select an option for addressing default


7. Understanding debt to income ratio - Coming Soon

  1. a) Define "debt to income ratio"
  2. b) Describe how debt to income ratio influences underwriting decisions
  3. c) List steps to repair credit