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Business Woman Standing in office
Business Woman Standing in office

Putting Your Employees First

Our Workplace Banking program is designed to help improve the financial wellness of your business and your employees.

Workplace Banking Program

Our mission is to improve the financial lives of our neighbors and their businesses, which is why we created our Workplace Banking program for our business customers and their employees.

Financial Wellness Videos

Our Financial Wellness videos will educate you about overcoming personal financial challenges, including credit and debt management and knowledge that is necessary to make financially responsible decisions which are integral to your everyday lives.

Our library includes a variety of videos that are updated regularly and includes the following topics and titles:

Budgeting and Saving

How Do You Track You Spending
How Do You Adjust Your Spending
How Do You Set a Savings Goal

Borrowing and Credit

Credit Reports and Scores
How to Establish and Repair Credit
Credit Myths


Preparing For Retirement
Retirement Planning Action Steps By Where You Are In Your Career
Saving and Investing For Retirement
Income and Social Security in Retirement
Expenses In Retirement

Financial Checklist

To maximize the Financial Wellness program, please take a moment to review our financial checklist and select the top three financial items that concern you the most. Once completed, you can take this checklist to one of our offices, where we will work with you to help establish a clearer path on your way to financial confidence.


By participating in the Workplace Banking program, you will learn that financial confidence starts with a household budget. We created a budget worksheet to help you get started.

Resource Center

Looking for more financial wellness assistance? We invite you to take a few minutes to explore our Resource Center, or contact us directly. We'll take one step at a time together to improve your financial life.