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Putting Your Employees First

Our Workplace Banking program is designed to help improve the financial wellness of your business and your employees.

Workplace Banking Program

Our mission is to improve the financial lives of our neighbors and their businesses, which is why we created our Workplace Banking program for First Commonwealth Bank business customers. With account options for managing and saving their money to financial education resources, our Workplace Banking Program helps you build a more attractive benefits program for your employees at no charge to your company while investing in the financial wellness of your employees.


Workplace Banking Benefits

Our Workplace Banking Program provides comprehensive banking solutions that help our business customers improve their employees' financial lives through the important habits of managing, saving, borrowing and protecting their money. Our Financial Wellness programs will educate your employees about overcoming personal financial challenges, including credit and debt management and knowledge that is necessary to make financially-responsible decisions which are integral to their everyday lives.

By bringing our Workplace Banking program to your business, you'll be equipped to:

  • Attract and retain quality employees
  • Engage with employees at all life stages
  • Focus on employee satisfaction

Why Workplace Banking Matters

According to a recent PwC Report1, "The effect of financial stress on worker productivity is striking. Employees who are stressed about their finances are nearly five times more likely to be distracted by their finances at work, twice as likely to spend three hours or more at work dealing with financial matters, and three times more likely to spend five hours or more. Stressed employees are also twice as likely to miss work on account of their personal financial issues and are more inclined to cite health issues caused by financial stress."

PwC Report Employee Stats

67 percent

find it stressful to deal with their financial situation.


49 percent

find it difficult to meet household expenses each month.

35 percent

say that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work.

69 percent

said they are attracted to a company who cares about their financial well being.

1 PwC's 8th Annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwC, US, 2019