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The First Commonwealth First Choice Portfolios may be your ticket to a financially secure future. Whether you’re in your early years of investing, enjoying your retirement, or anywhere in between, the First Choice Portfolios consist of diversified portfolios covering a spectrum of investment objectives to help accomplish your investment goals.

Investment Strategy

The First Choice Portfolios incorporate an asset allocation strategy, which harvests the long-term benefits of diversification by providing broad exposure to domestic equities, domestic bonds, international investments and cash. By diversifying across these differing asset classes the First Choice Portfolios help reduce risk and improve your potential return. Our professional investment managers will adjust your portfolios broad and underlying asset allocation, within the specified ranges of your First Choice Portfolio, dependent upon our economic outlook.

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Mutual Fund Investing

To accomplish our broad asset allocation strategy, First Commonwealth utilizes a mix of no load mutual funds. The mutual funds used in the First Choice Portfolios are continuously monitored and reviewed. Our monitoring process ensures that the mutual funds compare favorably to peers and appropriate benchmarks across a variety of statistical categories including:

  • Risk/Return Characteristics
  • Fund Management
  • Investment Style
  • Expenses

Benefits of Mutual Fund Investing

  • Diversification for Risk Reduction – By using mutual funds the First Choice Portfolios offer risk reduction through diversification. Because each mutual fund invests in many different securities, the impact of the performance of any single security is lessened. Since the First Choice Portfolios include several different mutual funds each emphasizing a particular investment style, your investment is diversified even further.
  • Professional Money Management – The mutual funds used in the First Choice Portfolios are managed by experienced fund managers, which are appointed by the fund company. These experienced managers are highly trained and use a plethora of investment resources and strategies to perform the day-to-day management of the underlying mutual fund. First Commonwealth provides an additional layer of professional management by continually monitoring the underlying mutual funds and the practices of the mutual funds management. Given First Commonwealth’s position within the industry, we have direct access to the mutual fund managers as well as to a number of independent third party research tools which are used to monitor the underlying mutual funds progress.
  • Affordable Access to the Security Markets and Professional Money Managers – Our First Choice Portfolios provide you considerable buying power. Mutual fund investments present a cost effective way to invest in a number of different types of securities and gain affordable access to professional money managers. This is possible because money from numerous investors is pooled together through a mutual fund, and invested as one.
  • Easy Access to Your Money – Mutual fund investments are highly liquid. In other words, you can easily convert mutual fund shares into cash. However share prices do fluctuate, and at the time of redemption, share prices may be higher or lower than their original cost.
  • Reinvestment or Withdrawal of Dividend Income – Dividend income generated from the underlying mutual funds in the First Choice Portfolios may be reinvested in the portfolio or taken as cash. Through automatic reinvestment, you increase the amount of your principal investment by buying more shares of the fund. This means that the next time dividends are paid; you receive income on a larger share balance, which helps compound your earnings.

Determining which Choice is right for you

To help determine which First Choice Portfolio is right for you requires an understanding of your investment objectives and constraints. By discussing such items as your financial goals, liquidity needs, time horizon, tax situation, and other financial circumstances with one of our Wealth Management Consultants, First Commonwealth will be able to determine which First Choice solution properly addresses your risk tolerance and return objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about the First Commonwealth First Choice Portfolios and would like to schedule a free consultative meeting with one of our Wealth Management Consultants please contact us or call 1.855.ASK.4.FCA.


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