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Mortgage solutions from the bank that puts you first.

You already know us as the bank that puts you first. Now, let us help you find the right mortgage solution.

At First Commonwealth Mortgage, we understand that choosing a new home is a big step, which is why we offer solutions designed just for our customers. We will be with you every step of the way as you compare mortgage options and finance the perfect place to call home, whether you are relocating to the big city, house-shopping in a new neighborhood or even just re-financing your current home.

Experience competitive rates and unparalleled customer service today by talking with an expert at First Commonwealth Mortgage toll-free at 844-221-3500 or start an online application.

Looking for more information on our mortgage solutions and services? Check out our resources below, and see how we can help you find the right mortgage to meet your needs.

Buying Your Home

  • You’ll find a mortgage solution designed to help you finance a home that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

First-Time Home Buyer

  • Exciting and scary! We get that. And that’s why we provide valuable resources and information on helping you make critical decisions about this big purchase.

Re-financing Your Home

  • Happy at home but looking to lower your monthly payment or free up some cash? Refinancing may be the best solution for you.


  • Competitive rates and terms that will fit your home buying plan and your monthly budget.

Apply Now

  • Start an online application, get pre-qualified or request a free consultation today.

Mortgage Minute

  • Listen in as mortgage expert Stan Foraker shares home financing advice on some of today’s most frequently asked questions.

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