Control your bills. Don’t let them control YOU.

Paying bills is a tedious task. To avoid the stress of writing checks and hoping the payment gets to its destination by the due date, schedule your bills through our online bill payment tool – a one stop shop for managing your bills. Oh, and it’s FREE.

What are the benefits of using BillPay?

  • Pay anyone, at anytime from anywhere, online or on our mobile app
  • Set recurring payments
  • Sign up for reminders
  • Receive electronic bills

Why use BillPay?

You are in control. Set up the billers you want to pay, schedule monthly payments, set up recurring payments and reminders. With a few clicks, you can schedule all of your payments from your PC or mobile device without opening up your checkbook or using one stamp. Set up your bills to be sent to your Billpay account to save time tracking them down. Billpay is your one stop shop for paying all your bills.

New to BillPay

Our new Person-to-Person Payments with Popmoney lets you send money to your friends, family or anyone with an email address or mobile number. Popmoney is now a part of our Online BillPay service and lets you move money from your bank account to someone else’s quickly and securely. And Popmoney is easy for your friends and family to use at their bank or at Popmoney.com. Learn more about Popmoney personal payments now. Use the Transfer feature on BillPay to move money between other banking accounts. One time transfers or recurring transfers, this feature connects all of your accounts. And it saves you time!

Tools for Managing Your Budget

As always, you can’t manage your budget if you don’t have one. Below are some tools to help you get started. Need help? We have 135 offices that are ready to help you get started.

Below are some tools that can help you get started:

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