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The One Card

If you are a company that is looking to simplify the payment process and reduce costs associated with corporate expenses then the One Card program from First Commonwealth Bank® is the perfect solution.

Simplify the Payment Process and Reduce Costs
Clients who implement a One Card payment program can consolidate all payment activities (purchasing, travel and entertainment, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) expenses) into one easy program that speeds up purchases, minimizes paperwork and improves your bottom line.

The One Card Does it All
Managing travel and purchasing transactions with just one process, one staff, one card issuer and one invoice is a reality with the One Card. The card empowers clients to merge separate card solutions, increase efficiencies and decrease costs across all platforms. Moreover, with the One Card, clients have the ability to offer employees unsurpassed flexibility without sacrificing control.

Payment Program Management
First Commonwealth Bank clients can count on the One Card to help control spending, provide purchasing flexibility for employees and protect against employee misuse.

Unparalleled Acceptance and Support
The One Card provides clients access to the worldwide Visa® network, ensuring cardholders are able to purchase goods and services when and where they need them. Plus, it makes business expenses easier to monitor, control and manage thanks to superb administrative tools and advanced customer service.

Greater Risk Control and Protection
The Visa® Liability Waiver program protects clients with one or more cardholders on their One Card program, up to $100,000 per cardholder, for misuse or abuse of the card by the cardholder.

Billing Options
First Commonwealth will provide two efficient billing options that give clients the power to eliminate unnecessary costs, maintain control and provide employees with greater flexibility.

One Card Features: How Clients Benefit:

No annual card fees

Experience no hidden charges with rebates available for qualifying companies

Visa® Liability Waiver protection

Receive $100,000 protection, per instance, from misuse by employees

Cost savings

Decrease costs associated with the processing of checks, invoices and purchase orders

Flexible authorization system and cardholder spending controls

Manage where cards are used and limit company exposure

Easy integration with clients’ accounting and financial systems

Eliminate many manual processes such as data entry and filing

Worldwide acceptance

Obtain unparalleled purchasing access

Detailed transaction data and full reporting for complete expense management

Get all the data that is needed to measure card program performance and streamline expense reporting

Account setup and maintenance

Manage and control accounts online in real times

Corporate billing with flexibility for individual billing all under the protection of corporate liability

Manage corporate expenses while holding employees accountable for prompt payment

Experienced implementation project managers and account managers to help with end-to-end program management strategies

Tax and compliance management support

Tax and compliance management support

Eliminate most issues associated with 1099 reporting and the Sarbanes – Oxley Act

Supplier management solutions

Identify and develop opportunities with strategic suppliers

Automatic travel accident insurance and emergency travel services

Provide added security for employees

For more information, please call 1-800-711-BANK (2265).

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