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Travel Alerts for Your Debit Cards

To protect you from fraudsters, we continuously review your debit card transactions, keeping a careful eye out for unusual activity or patterns. When we identify suspicious activity, we place a hold on your card and contact you directly to verify the transactions or confirm that the transactions are indeed fraud.

One item we look for is where your transactions are taking place. So if you have any trips coming up, whether for business or pleasure, let us know in advance so we know it's you using your card and not those fraudsters.

Letting us know is easy - just contact your local office or our Engagement Center at 800.711.BANK (2265) and provide us with the dates that you will be travelling. It's an easy way to ensure you have access to your money no matter where you're headed.

Additional Resources:

We take your security seriously, so in addition to understanding how we protect you from debit card fraud, check out our additional resources on protecting your money, including an article from the FDIC of 10 scams targeted to bank customers.

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