Financial Education

Our Commitment To Financial Health

Financial Health From First Commonwealth Bank

At First Commonwealth Bank, we know that good financial health is vital to our communities. Without it, our customers may not be able to reach their long-term goals.

We also understand that keeping your finances in order can be daunting and difficult, which is why we are proud to offer financial education resources to help guide your financial decisions both now and in the future. Together, we can build a financially smarter community.

Explore our financial education resources designed with your unique needs in mind below. Whether you need to manage a budget, avoid debt, save money, or prepare for your financial future, First Commonwealth Bank has tips, training, and solutions to improve your financial health.

Financial Health Principles

Financial Health Principles

  • Managing money takes a lot of work. But we believe that following some basic principles will equip you to take greater control of your financial future.
  • Managing a Budget
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Debt
  • Saving with a Purpose
  • Preparing for the Future

Financial Education For You

Your Financial Advantage

Financial Literacy Programs

Financial Literacy Programs

  • Whether it’s a free workshop in your community or a national awareness event, there are many ways to get connected and improve your financial literacy.
  • Join us as we celebrate Teach Children to Save Day
  • To schedule an event in your area, please contact our Financial Education Coordinator.