Corporate Banking

Asset Based Lending

If you’re a company with seasonal or cyclical sales, rapid sales growth, or engaged in acquisitions and leveraged buy-outs, let First Commonwealth's Asset-Based loan program increase your borrowing capacity.

First Commonwealth’s Asset-Based loan program allows companies that are healthy, yet highly leveraged and undercapitalized, to tap funds already tied up in company assets – funds that can be used to achieve greater growth and profitability.

  • Borrow against a percentage of your receivables and inventory
  • Retain control and ownership of your assets along with all credit and collection procedures
  • Maintain direct contact with your customers – so there is no need to notify them of your financing arrangements
  • Utilize a simple, yet well-defined reporting system that provides a running balance of your receivables on a periodic basis
  • Enjoy a greater borrowing capacity as your sales increase

Regardless of your need, First Commonwealth can provide the experience, analysis and procedures required to effectively structure and maintain a true Asset-Based loan.

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