Debit Card FAQs

Debit Card FAQ’s

Can I use my Debit Card at ATMs that display the NYCE logo?
Yes. Feel free to use your Debit Card at any location that displays the NYCE symbol. As of Nov 7th, 2012, our cards are part of the NYCE network (prior to this date, your card was part of the STAR network). If you have a STAR logo on your current card, you may continue to use it as normal. It will be accepted anywhere the NYCE logo appears. When the card expires, it will be replaced with a new card displaying the NYCE logo.

Do I pay a fee for using a First Commonwealth ATM?
No fee is charged to our Debit Card cardholders who use a First Commonwealth ATM. For a list of our ATM locations, simply click here.

Where am I permitted to use my Debit Card to make purchases?
You can use your Debit Card at any of over 20 million merchants worldwide who display the MasterCard® logo.

Do I pay a fee when I use my Debit Card to make purchases?
No fee is charged to you for using the Debit Card to make purchases. However, when using your card internationally you may be assessed a cross border and/or a currency conversion fee from the MasterCard Network. These fees are passed through directly to the cardholder and are the cardholder's responsibility.

Can I return items that I purchase with my Debit Card?
Yes. Think of your Debit Card as another form of cash or check. If you need to return merchandise that was purchased with your Debit Card, go ahead!

If given a choice by the merchant, should I select debit or credit when using my Debit Card?
With the Debit Card, you can select either debit or credit. No matter which choice you make, the money will be deducted directly from your checking account balance. First Commonwealth suggests you select credit so that your transaction will be processed quickly through the MasterCard network. Simply sign your receipt and you’re on your way!

What do I do if I lose my Debit Card?
Immediately notify our Engagement Center at 1-800-711-BANK (2265). For after hours, please call our automated banking line at 1-888-711-BANK (2265) and select the option to report a lost or stolen card.

How do I keep track of Debit Card purchases and transactions?
You should always keep your receipts in a safe place until you are able to enter them into your checking account register. Also, your monthly checking account statement will list all your Debit Card transactions.

Can I view my Debit Card purchases online?
Yes. Simply enroll for Online Banking and view all your Debit Card activity online. Online Banking is free and enrollment only takes a few minutes. Enroll now!

Can I use my Debit Card when I’m renting a car?
Your Debit Card can be used when paying for your car rental expenses. However, most car rental companies will not accept a Debit Card when making a reservation or at reservation check-in counters. You should always contact your car rental company in advance for details.

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