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Description Benefits
Remote Deposit Capture

Banking in today’s technological environment has its benefits. One such benefit is Remote Deposit Capture. With Remote Deposit Capture you can scan and truncate your checks at your business location(s) and electronically transmit the images to First Commonwealth. No more need to run to the bank to make your daily business deposits. Now we can bring our bank to you!

  • Faster access to your deposited funds
  • Improved float
  • No more need for trips to the bank
  • Reduced risk associated with uncashed checks
  • Improved employee productivity…no more trips to the bank
Lockbox Services

A lockbox arrangement with First Commonwealth provides faster access to your cash by collecting and processing accounts receivable payments in one, centralized location. These payments are collected and deposited directly into your operating account, reducing mail and check clearing float, as well as reducing time-consuming trips to the bank.

  • Reduces administrative costs of processing receivables "in-house"
  • Speeds collection of receivables by reducing processing float, check-clearing float, and mail float
  • Imaging available
Lockbox Image

Images of deposited checks and remittance documents are available with our Lockbox solutions. These images can be accessed online via Business Online Banking and/or via a monthly CD-ROM.

  • Fast access to accounts receivable detail
  • Enhanced response to customer inquiries since your company can access remittance information more efficiently
  • Cost savings associated with courier transportation expenses
  • Ability to share check and document images throughout your organization and with customers by email, print, copy, or fax
  • Less paper to deal with
Cash Concentration

Cash Concentration is an ACH Origination service that lets you transfer daily deposits from numerous, widely dispersed locations into a central, corporate account.

  • Reduces collection float
  • Simplifies and enhances centralized disbursements
  • Enhances investment opportunities as funds are pooled in one, large account
  • Effective management tool to monitor remote locations
  • Internet-based– no need to purchase software
Customer Authorized Payments

Customer Authorized Payments is an ACH Origination service that enables you to initiate debits to your customers’ accounts with their approval. This service works best for repetitive, fixed amount payments such as insurance premiums, association/membership dues, etc.

  • Accelerates collection of funds
  • Reduces costs associated with processing paper checks
  • Reduces frequency of, and provides faster notification of returns

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