Corporate Banking

Manage Disbursements

Description Benefits
Disbursement Image

Images (front and back) of your Controlled Disbursement checks can be made available to you via CD-ROM, electronic transmission, or eCash Reporter. Disbursement Image can facilitate the decision-making process relative to "suspect" items and reduce the time associated with searching for copies of paid checks.

  • Quick access to check images can improve customer service and reduce operational expenses
  • Store images at centralized location where several viewers can retrieve them simultaneously
  • Reduce check storage costs
Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) links one or more of your subsidiary accounts to your main operating (Master) account. Each subsidiary account is maintained at a zero balance. All excess funds are transferred to the Master Account. As funds are presented for payment against the subsidiary accounts, the necessary funds are transferred, automatically, from the Master Account.

  • Minimizes idle balances
  • Maximizes investment opportunities by consolidating balances into one, large account
  • Simplifies disbursements by eliminating the need to make manual transfers to subsidiary accounts
Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is an Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination service that enables you to deposit your employees’ net pay into their personal accounts, regardless of where those accounts are located.

  • Reduced check printing and preparation costs
  • Safe - Reduces risks associated with check fraud
  • Safe - Fewer lost checks
  • Benefits your employees
  • Internet-based - no need to purchase software
Line of Credit Sweep

A line of credit sweep links your operating account to your commercial line of credit. As funds are disbursed from your operating account, an automatic advance from your line of credit covers any shortages. Additionally, any excess funds in your operating account can be automatically transferred to the line of credit to pay down any outstanding balances.

  • Minimizes overdraft occurrences
  • Reduces interest expense by minimizing balances on line of credit
  • Investment sweep feature available as well
  • Simplifies disbursements

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